If there’s one thing that goes hand in hand with cycling, it’s raising money for worthwhile causes.

Whether you plan to raise money for a national charity like Mind or wish to raise money to support a local community project that’s close or personal to you, Bike Bible Fundraising is here to help and support you raise as much money as possible with 100% of all money raised by your donors going towards your chosen cause, unlike if you were to use an alternative fundraising platform, which can cost your chosen cause or donors in admin fees and card processing costs.

You can read more about how we operate in our Fundraising knowledge base, create your own fundraising campaign or donate to any of our current members fundraising campaigns featured below.

  1. Support PorthEden Crisis Cafe

    I’m planning on cycling around Cornwall to raise money for PorthEden Crisis Cafe.
    £50.00 donated of £250,000.00 goal