Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy we explain what data we collect about you, how we process it and what it is used for.

Bike Bible is a trading name of Lobon Digital Partners, a UK registered partnership which is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) with firm reference number, you can view a copy of our registration here.

Collection of Personal Information is a members only website and platform. To register and access the website and it’s associated services and features, an individual must complete a registration form made available via our website. In completing the registration form(s), you consent to provide us personal information. We use this information to manage our website and services and to personally identify you when you use our website.

When you visit our website whether you become a member of not, we use website analytics software which helps us track and monitor your actions and progress through the pages of our website. This involves multiple tracking and analytics platforms that collect aggregate data including IP addresses, and detail information on what device, operating system or other technical equipment and software you are using when accessing our website or services.

Our website is hosted with United Hosting, a UK registered hosting company. The information you provide to us when completing registration forms and/or purchasing products through our website is kept in databases on our own private servers. We use the latest secure encryption and https transfer protocols to offer maximum protection and security of your information.

We never sell, rent, lease or otherwise provide your information or personal details to any other party, individual, organisation or otherwise outside of our complete ownership or control, unless required to do so by law. Your membership, loyalty and trust in our organisation and services is paramount to us.

For the purposes of this privacy policy and compliance with all Data Protection legislation, the data controller and DPO (Data Protection Officer) responsible for ensuring compliance in data processing is Michael Hampton, Senior Partner and business owner of Lobon Digital, whole owners of the Bike Bible business.

You are entitled to request information on the data we hold about you. In order to do so, please contact us.